Life As We know It

‘There’s many a time in life when even the strongest of us find ourselves to be weak for a moment which seems like it is going to last for a lifetime’.

Intellectually and emotionally as humans we all  react differently to certain situations and this plays as a factor in how we deal with certain issues life throws our way. A common similarity shared between most people is how we often allow our inner thoughts to be buried in the back of our minds, due to thinking that they are of no importance in comparison to the many other problems people are facing around the world. So we leave our thoughts in the back of our minds until the little hole becomes a vortex and consumes every bit of happiness there is and leaves us with the thoughts that we left behind. The purpose off this blog is to help people work through many issues they face, predominantly teenagers. But mostly for those people who cannot raise their voice to ask for help, but gain a little bit of happiness albeit for a moment or two, through the kind words and advice of other people who have been through the same problems and how they work through those issues.


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