Unrequited Dreams


” Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living in fear”

We dreamed of a place as youngsters, where we could go and play with the melodies and sweet symphonies that life had played to us throughout our life. To hear each note and see the warmth it radiated through its existence. To fill the cracks in our hearts left by our childhood, to believe that the same soul that once illuminated such a light that no star held any comparison to it could once live again. The piercing screams of our ancestors could be heard when the chains of injustice rattle, the roots which we once so proudly claimed to originate from, would gladly welcome us back with open arms. Where religion held no superiority, and man was not judged by his colour. Where a woman would not be told to cover up in fear of getting abused, and our eyes would  speak instead of our hateful words. Where one soul could intertwine with another in hope of receiving one gift and one gift only;Love.


11 thoughts on “Unrequited Dreams

      1. As an English teacher, I can tell you to read classic poetry, the major poets, along with contemporary poets. Read as much as you can and write also as much as you can. The spoken poets that I truly like are Sarah Kay, Phil Kay and Taylor Mali. Sarah Kay has a lot of material on YouTube

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        You write beautifully. Keep it up. Enjoy the blogging journey.

        Take Care and Have a lovely week ahead

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