To Lost Souls..

He was my best friend, he laughed when I laughed and he cried when I cried. He’d be there for me at 1 A.M, when I needed a person to talk to or at 3 A.M, when my Insomnia kept me awake, and his soothing voice would lull me to sleep. He saw me for the stupid, mediocre-looking girl I was with absolutely no sense of humour or sarcasm, and still smiled and looked at me like I was the rarest of them all. He made me dream, aspire and hope that the world could be anything I wanted it to be. That the world was my oyster, and I was the pearl inside it, and that I should not wait for another to validate my worth. But I knew deep down that he was the only one who would ever see my worth. He made me believe that I wasn’t just some girl and that I had to power to be anything I wanted to be, as long as I believed in myself. But what do I tell myself now, now that he’s gone. Who should I turn to, to make me dream the old dreams I aspired to believe in, but most of all what do I tell to the pearl I lost when all I wanted was to be was his oyster…


2 thoughts on “To Lost Souls..

  1. The world is still your oyster and you are still a pearl. I can relate to the feeling of being loved and appreciated. It is a comfort above all else. But always believe that you are precious( not from Lord of the rings😉) , no matter if someone tells you or not. There is just this life, what is it if not special?

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