Some say the hardest part is saying goodbye to someone you love. Because you find yourself replacing their presence with day-to-day routines, hoping to erase their memory, but what do you tell to the remains of the rubble in your soul that scream their name out aloud, whilst you lay in bed, hoping for another meeting. What do you tell your eyes that flow with tears, staining your cheek with the memories you made together. Your naive heart fooled you into thinking that this was not the end, but you knew that nothing can last forever, no matter how much you wish it does. No one is immortal. It’s been  years, since they left you, but those memories still haunt you, and leave you sleepless at night. You lost someone who really meant something to you, and not everyone suffers that loss, and not everyone can grieve, but you do have the right to move on and try to live life how they would’ve liked you to live it, and try to always carry them in your heart and smile with happiness whenever another mentions their name.


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