Hold On

They mistake the silence and long sleepless nights as a result of some kind of pain or sadness but, how do you explain to others that to feel pain you need to be hurt and to feel hurt there has to be a reason behind all that pain, how do you explain that if you don’t even know it yourself? How do you tell the Mother who nurtured you, that she herself couldn’t take away the long nights that you spent in solitude? How do you tell the Father who once pushed you on the swings that, it’s those very memories that choke you and leave you breathless at night?What do you tell to the sister’s that once laughed alongside you whilst reminiscing over past memories? That it’s an invisible cloak, which sometimes you wear and sometimes you don’t. To be able to explain that the tears that fall aren’t for a particular reason.You’re just tired, and it isn’t due to a lack of sleep. You’re Just Tired.


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