My Masterpiece.

I told her I loved her. I didn’t need to tell her really, but it’s the 21st Century and everything nowadays has to be said to be proven. So I expressed my feelings to her because she was always the sweet and selfless person who never thought twice about jumping in the water to save another, but would think twice about smiling when receiving a compliment, because that was just the type of girl she was. The type of girl who would carve smiles onto the faces of all those she met, but yet failed to smile when faced in the mirror. She was still the same old-fashioned hopeless romantic. She still cried on sad endings, and chuckled with glee on happy endings. And in these moments I’d see something in her eyes, which no other had the fortune of seeing, that she was different she wasn’t the type of girl to validate her worth by a compliment, which is why she never smiled when given one. As compliments to her were nothing, they were like raindrops melting in the warmth of the summer sun. Things which would soon disappear and bear no importance. I remember asking her why she didn’t value herself enough, think of herself as a beautiful painting with a story to tell with each stroke of the brush. I remember she replied “I am a painting, I’m just not there yet, I’d rather see myself as an empty canvas. Something which has the power to be incredible, but chooses not to be”. I then went on to ask why she thought she did not possess the power to be incredible, and she then so naively replied  ” Girls like me, we don’t live to be incredible”…And that was when I realised that she would be my canvas, and I would paint her stroke by stroke, and when people would come from afar to see my masterpiece,they would look for a signature, as every masterpiece has one, and mine would be Her.


8 thoughts on “My Masterpiece.

  1. Your writing is very bright, thank goodness. And thank you for commenting on my music post. What you say is very personal and yet intelligent. You might like my blog for the same reasons. is all you need to know to comment. Like yours, my blog is very personal but studied. I guess take what you need from it. Are you a Brit? You people tend to be smarter than most of us Yankees. You certainly present yourself very well. Have a good week. Rob

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    1. I am a Brit yes,but I’d like to think my writing speaks for me Rob as I’m sure it does for yourself also and shows the character you posess… and Intelligence is measured using man created objects and isn’t measured in times where you have nothing but your knowledge takes you through dark paths and lead me to writing so I guess if you’re writing too and are on this dark path with me. We both must be intelligent Sir..Thank you for your kind comments they were much appreciated and have made my morning have yourself a wonderful weekend

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      1. Yes, I know about darkness. I wrote a short story in high school that reached novella length about an antihero much like Karl Edward Wagner’s Kane. Wagner died at 45 of alcoholic complications. I too am an alcoholic. You know, despite our black mark on our character, we can still be kind. Be aware that darkness is defined by society, too. Yes, evil is a fiction. Please don’t feel guilty, it isn’t worth it. Geddy Lee of Rush, on his solo album, wrote a compassionate song called “Runaway Train.” He has a big heart. He’s neither yours nor mine, but Canadian. They really have it together. If things got intolerably tight down here in Oregon, I might have to change my citizenship… I must have a think re what you say re things being manmade. Or maybe I’ve already touched on that. I believe that external objects are all that we can cling to sometimes. It isn’t anything dark, but rather alert and prudent. We have to look out for Number One. It is no crime… Thanks for saying you are a Brit. You guys almost lost Scotland there. I have a pen pal near Edinburgh who voted against the referendum. She loves the UK, and I don’t blame her. Look at the music that came out of you guys. I love Roxy Music and Duran Duran… Anyway, you’re welcome for my kind words. There are plenty more where those came from. Have a great week. Rob

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