Someone I Used To Know 

Some girl who had a crush on you asked me if I thought you were good-looking…

In my head I pictured the crease your skin made when you smiled, the twinkle you’d get in your eyes everytime I mentioned that I’d got you your favourite chocolate, your soft and tender lips that carried my secrets and locked them safe in the deepest corners of your heart, that radiated light whenever I was stuck in a dark time. Your hair that fell so softly over your eyes and how it’d sway in the autumn it annoyed you when it grew too long and how you’d get agitated so you would cut it…and I hated it being cut…because it took the part of  you I loved most and sort of decreased it because you didn’t know how loved it was…..

But I just smiled and said ‘ He is isn’t he?’…in hope that maybe she’d be the one who’d see the storm in your eyes and stay even if the winds tested her love for you she would not even sway…..not like I did. She’d stay.


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