All I want

I guess in the end all we want is to receive the same love that we give so freely to everyone else …


20 thoughts on “All I want

  1. I would totally agree with you, except so many relationships turn out to be master/slave. This is personal of me again, but that was my parents’ dynamic. And, in looking into Scotland, I find the same thing: feminism is unheard of, even close to Edinburgh. _A Doll’s House_ still is news. As a student, I had to read Ibsen at least three times. That culminated in 1988, I think. For me, I mean… Sorry to sidestep your assertion re expecting our love to be repaid. Isn’t that a fallacy tho? Let me read it again… What you propose is a cycle that may be only a wish but which when tested turns out to be bogus. But – what you’re saying is a testing aphorism; good for you. I have no ready answer, nor will any other soul. It’d be nice to hear your own insights. I’m usually here at my home base with my clutter around me. I hope you have material for me to proofread anytime soon. Later.

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  2. To be loved as we love. Okay, like when I buy beer at the convenience store. I find myself rationalizing with, “They don’t judge me because I don’t judge them.” It’s the same as walking into a porn shop and expecting to be respected. Sorry, that’s extreme. I agree, tho, that it’s all about love. And also about not judging, because that next flamer at the bank might just be your savior. I haven’t a leg to stand on, being mentally ill. Signing off for now. Ciao.

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      1. Thanks for reducing me to absurdity. What I considered to be serious is fodder for other people’s jollies. I guess I’m funny and small after all. I like being funny for other people. Esp intelligent folks who can see the joke that is my life. Yes I have been seen in porno stores and, just this morning, in my bank with a flaming faggot for a manager. It takes a great deal of IQ to laugh at me, and I admire that. You know, satire is something you Brits could really capitalize on over here if you let yourself into the mainstream by degrees. You have caught me out being too literal a couple of times now, and I have to say it feels good. It’s common knowledge that Americans take themselves far too seriously. Perhaps I need you for my editor? Well, I could use illumination. I hope your daily life is going okay. Do you have a job? Most people do. I don’t because I’m on disability income for the schizophrenia. Another joke on me. I guess I’ll sleep on a bit. Enjoy your day. Rob Roy (I have a copy, but haven’t yet read)

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      1. Could you maybe comment on one of my blog posts? Yes they are cerebral, but you may pick up a thread that harmonizes with you. I think I’ve written about my music, so that may be something you can relate to. I’ve rarely met a person who didn’t like music. Your writing is profoundly emotional and very personal – which drew me to you right away. I truly believe that you can be successful as a writer. You have a load of potential. And, whatever your age, you have a mature attitude… Anyway, will you please look at my blog? Thanks. Rob Roy (you see, that’s gonna bug me till I read the novel)

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      2. I shall I’m so sorry I haven’t been treading your work. You see the thing is my memory is as weak as my sarcasm and humour and whenever I go about reading your work I forget. So I apologise for that I have been meaning to read your work as you have been very supportive of my writing which means a lot to me as I am not as experienced as you and not in the same league as you. But to hear your kind words does help a little student like me. So thank you

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      3. Serendipity: you’re being too humble, okay? You need to fan your flames of pride. You have to have more ego, or else be ordinary. You can do it, and on the way figure out what’s important to you. It is okay if you don’t want writing for a career. The important thing is loving yourself just as you are. Live with your lot – but recall what inspired you to start your blog in the first place. Christ, no, I’m not out of your league. We all have problems. And we tend to use our shortcomings as excuses for not going anywhere. Hey, just ask yourself again why you started a blog. Remember that and keep it sacred. Don’t give up for anybody; no one is worth it. The only being worth it is yourself. It’s okay to be a little selfish. Perhaps your mother never graduated from college. I know what a burden that is. Just don’t let your conscience keep you away from success. I am here to help you. Just trust me and make this small quantum jump. You have total control. No one can take it away from you. The world for you is like Silly Putty. You can mold it any way you like. Hey, I looked up Rob Roy online. A Scottish Robin Hood. I like that. Take care.

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  3. I don’t have a job am looking for one at the moment. But i am consumed by daily life and education as it takes most of my time up. Hence why I do not write a lot, even though it is a passion of mine. Whether I’m good at it is another thing aha but I do enjoy it as it is the only thing I have not failed in life.

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  4. Hi, it’s Rob again. I hope my email to you reached home. I’ve noticed that you have other followers, so life can’t be too bad. Also, don’t worry about failing. Did you know that Henry James, the great novelist, aspired to be a playwright and failed? So he picked up his pen and wrote like there was no tomorrow. Actually, he dictated to a typist. What you say re: enjoying writing is exactly right. You must do it for the pleasure of it, or else it’s all for naught. What do you use for a dictionary? The Chambers Dictionary is available online. You might do a web search on that. Bookmark the page. It might inspire you… I think I need a nap. Take care.

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    1. Thank you I’ll be sure to take you up on that piece if Advice and funnily enough it is time for your nap and it is time for me to sleep…looking forward to a beautiful day tomorrow.. Goodnight from this side of the globe.

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  5. Hello. It’s a few days later, and I can’t make much sense of what I wrote above. For example, what is the “chambers BS?” I have no clue what that means. Dunno if I was drunk or episodic or what, but it’s disordered. I apologize. The Rob Roy stuff is also over the top… No, I am not out of your league, as you put it. I am an extreme, and will probably burn myself out. Nature doesn’t like extremes. The Greeks hated excess, and they were great survivors. No, I am mortal like everybody else, so don’t put yourself down. You are only getting started. Whatever you do, don’t experiment with alcohol or other drugs. They will ruin you before your time is up. I am so embarrassed by the nonsense I wrote the other day. I hope you forgive me. You see, I have both alcoholism and schizophrenia, and sometimes I’m just full of shit. I don’t like myself very much. If you learn anything from me, learn to respect yourself; yes, love yourself and others. And stay balanced and focused. Yes: moderate if you want to be successful. Don’t be profligate like me. That’s about all the advice I have. Thanks for reading and take good care.

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