‘Separating the Men from the Boys’..

You won’t go against your own rules and go against ‘your type’. So you choose to stick with your mistakes and constantly go for the boys who fulfill your desires, and those who lust over you causing you to mistake it for love and affection. Not knowing that there is a Man ready to give you the world in the palm of his hands. Time and time again you are faced with the same problems and you choose to return to them in the shape of another face. Just because the face has changed that doesn’t mean that the soul will change. You want the soul of a man who will look at you like you are the morning sun and need you like you are his crutch on the days where he craves your love. The one who will grow with you and grow for you. The one to mend your heart from previous mistakes and change your opinion on love. The kind your parents warn you about later on in life because he’s ‘The one’ he will have the power to hurt you and love you at the same time. He will not only invest his love in your relationship but will invest in you because you will be his future, his top priority. That is what a Man is. He’s the one you weren’t ready for because he wasn’t ‘your type’ but now that youve realised what love is he’s ‘just your type’.


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