This cruel world will drag you to the empty side of your bed just to watch you make friends with the dark shadows that lay beside you and haunt you in your sleep. They will feast on your skin and leave your bones as reminders of what loneliness can do to you …


5 thoughts on “Loneliness 

  1. I’ve been lonely lately too. If I had enough money I’d ask you for a rendezvous, your place or mine. I just wrote a post re: how American art tends to suck. The exceptions like Melville only find homes abroad. Faulkner is our greatest success, I think. I mostly don’t care for American music. Aaron Copland is good, tho. Also John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith. The original Star Wars Trilogy does us credit… It’s okay to be lonely and admit it. You are young, with the hormones still raging, and it’s better to seize the day now than regret it later – like me. I had some opportunities in college, too. Took one, but made a few mistakes and lost her. Another I never pursued because she had a boyfriend. That didn’t seem to matter to her. Hindsight is 20/20… Thanks for your comment on my blog. I appreciate it. You’re my only follower so far. I hope I’m as good as you seem to think I am. How are your English studies going? When will you read Thomas Hardy? Take care.

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    1. Right now I am reading Fitzgerald for English and I’ve read Shakespeare’s work also. I’m finding my feet in both english and life taking one step at a time.. I hope to read Hardy soon. I do I love your work and you are good I hope to be as good as you one day. Good morning from this side, have a good day.

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      1. I haven’t read _The Great Gatsby_ since the first time in spring 1985. I liked the symbolism, yet I think my teacher in high school took it a little far. Even down to colors, like yellow for materialism? Green supposedly meant something, too. West Egg and East Egg were obvious, but the literary device approach was still excessive. To read _Gatsby_ again, on my own, would be liberating from Mr Foster’s stilts… I hit the wall with my first Shax class: got a C, which hurt at 19yo. My avatar, with me meeting a triceratops, was my attitude toward reading 400yo Shakespeare. Why read Early Modern English? The language was the main obstacle. Dr Strange also referred to tons of criticism that was way over my head. It was only a 200-level course, but IMO it should’ve been upper division. I did drop into the groove that year, and my grades improved. As a junior I got an A- in Adv Shakespeare. Never could get a solid A for a course grade… Let me know when you read some important poetry. I think my most favorite was Wallace Stevens, and also Percy Bysshe Shelley. It’s amazing that Shelley produced so much before 29yo, when he drowned… Thank you for the compliment. When you’ve lived to be 50, you’ll be at least as good as me. If your grades were good in Shax, then already you’re better than I was. What do you think of the “Green World” in his comedies? Who needs Freud when we have _A Midsummer Night’s Dream_? Good luck and have a good week.

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      2. Hopefully you’ll run into more great Shakespeare. Apparently you’ve read MND on your own. His comedies are really good (As You Like It, All’s Well that Ends Well, etc). The Tempest is a romance, as are The Winter’s Tale and Pericles. Oh, one of the first times I laughed out loud at Shaky was reading some malapropisms from Dogberry the constable in Much Ado about Nothing. “I will have you comprehended!” really cracked me up. I was beginning to loosen up with the Bard then. Othello is great too, but you’ll probably like Hamlet better – and Macbeth and King Lear. Did you read from a complete anthology of Shakespeare? My guess would be not. I hope your texts were well glossed. The Arden Shakespeare, in the individual paperbacks, are very well done, IMO. Lots of editorial content and notes. Please keep me posted. Any professors you’ve really liked so far?

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