Love. A simple four letter word but it has the power to turn your world upside down. The type to make you understand why it had never worked out with anyone else before. To see why the love you feel now and the hurt you felt before was not the same. Because now you understand love and you see that it makes your heart feel fulfilled and your soul feel hungry for more. It’s like a drug. A drug you cannot get enough of. Love is not overcompensating for everything to make up for your insecurities. But hugging your stomach and embracing your curves, because the person you love embraces them. Looking at yourself in the mirror and accepting yourself that is what love is. Love is seeing  your reflection whilst your new found Love stands behind you, to catch you incase you fall again and forget your worth. That is what love is.

–for a special button who helped me learn my worth. Thank you for helping me rise when I thought getting up was impossible. Love you now and always. I hope you enjoy the love you receive too and it helps you know your worth.šŸŒ¹ Because you deserve everything and more my lovely.


3 thoughts on “Love

  1. Glad to read that something good came your way! Elton John wrote a wonderful song in 1989 titled “Sacrifice.” He sings, “It’s no sacrifice, just a simple word / It’s two fighting hearts in two separate worlds / It’s no sacrifice, no sacrifice / It’s no sacrifice at all.” Elton challenges the world to reevaluate the Xian def. of love. He does it with strength and courage. I’d never been one of his fans before this song. Very powerful little pop song. And yes, thanks for saying that self-love is a big part of being validated by another. Carly Simon sang something very similar in “Julie through the Glass.” …It may be humbling to find that your discoveries are nothing new, but hey, this is your initiation. And your discoveries are still yours, and worth clinging to as you grow. They define who you are, so for heaven’s sake keep publishing! Never feel naive or dumb, but plod ahead as you’ve described to me. Follow your bliss and love yourself as you’re doing. Never grow old! I really like this post.

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    1. Thank you Rob and it humbles me to know that this may be your favourite as it May be one of mine too. Thank you for now your kind words as always and also Elton John is an all time favourite of mine. I rock to ‘Bonnie and the Jets’ sometimes admittedly. I hope my work does get good enough for it to get published thank you.

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  2. Hi again. Hey, could you please visit my blog again and comment on “On Flaubert?” Don’t feel intimidated. It is typical agnosticism, likely nothing you’ve not heard before. My stats have been floundering, so I’d truly appreciate your help. And feel free to range about. Thank you.

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