The Man.

To the man I will Marry. I know you will hold me from behind when I need it most and cradle me to sleep in your arms making me feel at home. You will listen to my childish sleeptalks and snoring when I am sleeping in our bed, and consider them as sweet symphonies that will lull you to sleep. You must understand that sometimes, I will want to stay in my pyjamas all day and not make an effort. And other days I will want to spend 2 hours finding a dress for myself that I won’t end up wearing because it makes my hips look too big and settle for a dress that I realise didn’t go with the shade of my lipstick. That is what I am, an organised mess.  You will need to accept my immaturity for naivety and my stubbornness for determination. You will need to see rose gardens in me where others saw thorns. And hold me in your hand protecting me like a thorn protects the rose. I know you will take me for long pizza drives in Cornwall and let me choose the playlist we listen to. And on our way home when I am tired and the sun is about to set giving way to the stars to come out. You must tell me how my eyes resemble the stars and how beautiful they are. That is all.


3 thoughts on “The Man.

  1. “You can’t hurry love / Ooh, you just have to wait / Love don’t come easy / It’s a game of give and take…” Diana Ross. Pardon me if I say you’d be taking more than giving. Ideally, I think a relationship is partners, equally giving and taking… Hey, Serendipity, I have one newest post I’d love for you to check out. I know it’ll come across as angst or self-pity, but then I’m young at heart, too. It’s titled “The floor drops out,” inspired by Richard Wilbur and The Police, but also by an awful psychotic episode of mine that happened two nights ago. I had to forego beer and then these terrible hallucinations came about. And BTW, I think I’ll be forced into getting a job. Anyway, please check me out, tho I do know that schizophrenia is scary for everybody. Ciao.

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