Life changed. We changed. But one thing that didn’t change was the love. It stayed it didn’t waver. I want you to know I will wait. I will wait for you, just as the moon waits for the sun to bow down and seek shelter below the sea so it can lead us through the darkness.  They way it stays standing silently in the shadows, whilst the stars around it shine and glisten. The moon stands silent. I realise today why that is: the moon is not happy nor sad that it is without the sun. Because the moon wouldn’t exist without the sun. Just as the sun wouldn’t exist without the moon; But the moon knows that meeting the sun is not possible..yet it still waits for the few minutes, seconds even where they are the closest, and are about to give way to each other for night and day to take place. Because only they know the sacrifice they make in order for humanity to survive. They sacrifice themselves so others may love… because they know what it means to love something that isn’t destined for you. I want you to know. I will wait. Whether it is for those few minutes between night and day…or whether I sacrifice my darkness for your light. I will wait for our few seconds.


2 thoughts on “23/10/17.

  1. Nice meditative sun/moon imagery. Also, the thought about the “few seconds.” You may want to check out a poem by Sara Teasdale titled “Barter:” “And for a breath of ecstasy / Give all you have ever been, or could be.” Gutenberg has a free download of all her love poems. Someone whose shoulders you can stand on? Good Luck.


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