What you find is within yourself. Not another being.

Love doesn’t stop once you can’t be with each other. That is not real love. Love that does not encourage you towards your goals and ambitions, a love that leaves you feeling empty with nothing but your bare ribs to hold is not love darling. You deserve a love that isn’t worth dying for …but in fact worth living for. When you fail in life…love should dust your grief away and pick you back up from the ground. It should be your crutch on the days your feet do not feel like walking. When you succeed you see love and understand that the reason you stand before everyone smiling is solely because another’s constant belief and hope in you was stronger than your subconscience telling you to just give up. Now that..that my dear is love. Do not get love confused with loneliness. Real love will hold your hand and fight through the hundred dark days you face just to get to the three good days you may have. Because love, real love is worth the struggle and your mother always told you nothing worth having ever came easy. But know when you must stop fighting. For yourself. But mostly for that child within you who knows…that this is not love. He is not love.


3 thoughts on “What you find is within yourself. Not another being.

  1. Long time no see. Nice post. Good Luck in your search for Mr Right. It’s good to write for yourself and have others observe and “like” as they do or don’t… I stopped drinking on 9/12/17. And write about it — whether anybody cares or not. What WordPress is for. Come visit me?

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