Your house will not always be a home, and that is okay.

The memories you once savoured will not always override the moments of betrayal you face now. But that is okay. You’ll realise that the mother’s lap you’d so peacefully sleep on at nights, provides you with no comfort anymore. But it is okay. You’ll feel your heart closing as the people you once loved shut the door behind them as they leave you with nothing but empty words to fill the room you now stand in alone…That the dreams and memories of love and companionship, you once wished to instill within your children aren’t the same as the ones you felt mattered when you were younger.

You will understand that the downside of having a heart that feels so much, will be heard in each beat as it leaves behind memories of a loving family you once took pride in cherishing.

And it is then you will come to understand that a house willl not always be your home. 🌹


3 thoughts on “Home..

      1. I’m finally having to accept — emotionally — the loss of my mother. Have to dispose of old things, like her books. After that, the coldness in this house will increase to a deep freeze.


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